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Polywood USA Inc: Professional Plastic Welding Tools


Polyweld USA specializes in welding and testing equipment for Geosynthetics and Plastic Fabrication.


One of our professional plastic welding tools


We have been operating in the Houston area for 20 years. With a complete line of plastic welding equipment and accessories for both installers and contractors, our facility ensures that you have the right tool for the job. Please browse our Products page to learn more about our products which include extrusion welders, wedge welders, tensiometers, testing equipment , and many more - - all made in the USA.

Through rigorous research and development we have recently introduced new machines in our product line tailored for use in areas with limited clearance. If your project involves such obstacles then consider Polyweld USA's new M8 Wedge Welder and the Mini-Z Extrusion Welder.